Our school is connected to eduroam

Our school is connected to eduroam

Federation Eduroam is an international project supporting mobility and roaming in the national research and education networks (NREN). In the Czech Republic this project is roofed by the association CESNET. Our school joined the project in 2020. Another step to increase the quality of studies and prestige of the school within the project IROP has been taken.

One account. Anywhere.

A registered participant can use this wireless network in all the parts of our school using one account. The account administration is carried out by the home organization ZŠO Nádražní, Nádražní 1217/117, Ostrava 702 00.

The usage of roaming is easy, a properly set subscriber’s device connects automatically when the eduroam network is available. It is similar to how a connection to international networks of mobile operators of roaming works. And that is also the origin of the acronym education roaming.

The service is free for all the participants.

Activation of eduroam account

Our school is connected only in SP state, i.e. users, that have eduroam from another organisation, can connect at us.

Our own students/employees eduroam can´t use.

Covered spaces

Eduroam is broadcast in all classrooms. Access to the school is possible between 7:35 – 16:15.

Filtering traffic

The operation of school pupils is filtered in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

Visitors are not affected in any way except for outgoing SMTP traffic filtering (TCP/ 25), use SMTPS (TCP/ 465) or Submision (TCP/ 587) services to send mail.


Users of our school can contact e-mail eduroam@zsnadrazni.eu

Visitors with an eduroam account should be encouraged to look primarily for support in their home institution, which gave them their account.

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Základní informace

Základní škola Ostrava, Nádražní 117, příspěvková organizace

Nádražní 1217/117, Ostrava, 702 00

IČ: 70933979

RED_IZO: 600 145 000

Telefonické kontakty

Rychlý kontakt

Ředitel: 725 528 729
Sekretariát: 731 613 432
Vrátnice: 596 116 289, 724 017 088

I. stupeň 724 017 188
II. stupeň 724 017 027

E-mail: skola@zsnadrazni.eu


Ředitel školy

Mgr. Libor Novotný
Telefon: 725 528 729
E-mail: skola@zsnadrazni.eu


Telefon: 596 116 289
Mobil: 731 613 432

Úřední hodiny: PO-PÁ
7:40 - 10:00, 13:00 - 14:00